I Love to Tell the Story


My now-husband and I kept a blog of travel essays and musings about the joys and pitfalls of our transatlantic relationship before we finally were able to marry (our respective governments made that very difficult!) Now we’re firmly ensconced and putting down roots together on the Isle of Lewis, something we never would have dreamt of when we started our adventure. We chose the name Lewis Revival for my new shop because the island has given us an opportunity to continue to build a new life together. This name connects our own personal testimony of renewal with the rich history of spiritual and cultural revival on the island. Just a few years ago, before we became a couple, we had lost hope that such a meaningful life was possible. Now there is love, hope, opportunity, community, and purpose. I share our personal blog (see link below to one of my posts) and our story. It seems like the thing to do this Sunday┬ámorning.



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